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Bilingual psicotherapy

''When you refuse to believe something is impossible it becomes possible''


What is it?

I understand that in this global society people from other countries come to ours and stay here for long periods of time. As a foreigner, one may be exposed to many changes that can be stressful, which in turn may lead to certain difficulties. In addition, some people may need a psychologist to continue the treatment they were receiving before coming to Colombia.

We can help you if:

  • You are feeling stressed, anxious, angry or sad as you try to adapt yourself to a foreign country.
  • You need to continue receiving psychological therapy.
  • Particular symptoms or problems arise or increase due to the cultural change and new lifestyle.
  • You have to make a personal, social, family or work-related decision.

I guarantee the efficacy of the treatments we use and we apply all the necessary processes such as coaching, counselling, and problem solving techniques to help you achieve the highest level of well-being and satisfaction in this special moment of your life.


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